Senin, 18 Agustus 2008

Indra Lesmana Bruggman

Biography of Indra L Bruggman in

Borned in Tasikmalaya, west Java 8 May 1981, Indra Lesmana Bruggman has many talents since in primary school, he win in a dress festival in Tasikmalaya. In Elementary School Indra join in Coverboy Aneka and become one of finalyst in that contest.

After win that contest Indra move to Jakarta and join in casting and success in Jihny Oh Jihny a television cinema from Multivision Plus with Diana Pungky. This Television cinema (sinetron) make His name popular in public and many order come to him.

Beside Acting The Sundanese and Holland celebrities with height 180 cm also become a commercial star of Sandal Dakar, Krating Daeng, So Klin Pewangi, Hasenda Shoes and others.

Not just in showbiz Indra try to be an entrepreneur, he make a boutique with her sister Rani which label with Ind-Ra means Indra-Rani. He also ever join Super Seleb Show in 2008, in that contest Indra sing many Dangdut song. His talents in this contest make Julia Perez interest to Duet with him in Jupe new Album.

In love, Indra is ex-boyfriend of some actress, like Dhini Aminarti and Hemalia Putri. Most popular issue in public opinion Indra is a gay, but we don't know the truth.

Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008

Aldiansyah Taher

Biography of Aldiansyah Taher

Aldiansyah Taher borned in Jayapura, Papua 25 October 1983 is an Indonesian celebrities, who has multi talenta, he is an actor, singer and presenter. The third from six brother from Ramlis Saputra Taher and Rosita Ramlis start his career in showbiz from be a contestan in Aneka Yess! MAgazine in 2001.

Become popular after staring Terowongan Casablanca and some television cinema, beside that Aldi Taher also become a presenter in some television show.

Aldiansyah Taher Filmography:
  • Terowongan Casablanca in 2007
  • Leak
  • Tiren: Mati Kemaren in 2008 with Dewi Persik, a singer who issued as his girl friend after broken up with Nadia Vega

Minggu, 03 Agustus 2008


Biography of Irwansyah

Borned in Jakarta, 6 March 1985 is an Indonesian Celebrities. Irwansyah Popular in Indonesia when make a hits with his ex-girl friend Acha Septriasa, that also act in Heart Film. He is a Moslem and has a good personality. His firs album Pecinta Wanita become a hits in 2006.

Irwansyah in showbiz is a multi-talent, he can singing and acting. With height 177 cm a ideal body to get everything in showbiz. in 2008 Irwansyah make a new album that Ku Tunggu Jandamu become a hits in that album.

Irwansyah Television Cinema:
  • Andai Ku Tahu
  • Love
  • Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta
  • Upik Abu and Laura

Irwansyah Filmography:
  • Heart in 2006
  • Love is Cinta in 2007
  • Love in 2008
  • 40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong in 2008

Rabu, 30 Juli 2008

Rafi Ahmad

Biography of Rafi Ahmad by

borned in Bandung, West Java (Indonesia) 17 February 1987 with name Raffi Faridz Ahmad. His Father is Munawar and his mother is Amy Qanita both of them come from Indonesia. Rafi is first from three brother.

Rafi Ahmad has height 172 cm and weight 61 kg. Start his career as a presenter, after his handsome face become familiar in Indonesia, He start to staring a cinema television like: Senandung Masa Puber, Juragan Jengkol and Me Vs High Heels.

No just in television Rafi Ahmad also staring some films, like: Panggil Namaku 3x and Love is Cinta. Raffi also staring Extravaganza ABG.

Beside being an actor and presenter Raffi also become a singer to Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB) with Laudya Cyntia Bella, Chelsea Olivia, Ayushita and Dimas Beck. That group made by Melly Goeslaw, popular with Lets Dance Together song. Not just a hits but BBB make a film BBB. Raffi Ahmad also staring film Liar that released in 2008.

Sabtu, 26 Juli 2008

Christian Sugiono

Biography of Christian Sugiono:

Christian Sugiono was born in Jakarta 25 Februari 1981, we can call him with name "Tian" or "Sugi". Christian is an actor and commercial star. Popular with public after staring film Catatan Akhir Sekolah and Jomblo in 2005. Being a nomination praising actor in Bandung Film Festival (FFB) and Panasonic Award 2007 as a favourite actor.

A germany, Javaneese and Pontianakneese born from a mother from germany and his father is from Indonesia. Christian is second from three brother. Tian studying at Charitas School (Primary Education) and Panghudi Luhur High School.

In High School Christian Sugiono Active in organitation, and he has a band "Foto", that ever be a top 2 in Indie Lapan Prambors Radio. Tian can play Piano, Guitar, bass and drum. After High School Sugi out from his band because must move to Germany.

From 2000 until 2006, Christian lived in Hamburg, Germany, studying in Informatics techonological Deparement in Technische Hamburg University. But he choose to back to Indonesia before finish his education at there. In Indonesia Christian Sugiono start his career in entertainment and web design. His hobby is watching concer and music festival. He ever contribute some articles to MTV Trax Magazine.

In 2006 he start his career in Show Biz with staring Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri (100 Lies To Hide a Wife) that produce by Malaysian Producer for Indonesian public, in this film christian Sugiono and Titi Kamal act as a couple. Beside Indonesian actor in that film also act by Malaysian and Bollywood actor.

  1. Arti Cinta in 2004 (Video Clip Ari Lasso)
  2. Jomblo in 2006 (Series Film)
  3. Dunia Tanpa Koma in 2006 (Series Film)
  4. Pengantin Remaja in 2006
  5. Dunia Maya in 2006 (FTV)
  6. Mengejar Cinta in 2006 (FTV)
  7. Gantung in 2007 (Video Clip Melly Goeslaw)
  8. Mukjizat Itu Nyata in 2007 (Series Film)
  9. Kasih in 2007
  10. Ratu in 2007

  1. Catatan Akhir Sekolah
  2. Cinta Silver
  1. Jomblo
  2. (Bukan) Kesempatan Yang Terlewat (as himself - Lux short movie with Dian Sastrowardoyo)
  3. Foto Kotak dan Jendela (Sidestream Movie)
  4. Jakarta Undercover
  5. Dunia Mereka
  1. Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri (100 Lies To Hide A Wife)

Rabu, 23 Juli 2008

Dude Herlino

Biography of Dude Herlino:

An actor in television cinema Dude Herlino was born in Jakarta 2 December 1980. Become most popular since starring in Disini Ada Setan in Film and Television Cinema with Ririn Dwi Arianty. A man that called Dude like reading a book.

Dude girl friend is Citra Trianita, that get education un Australia, a girl that introduced by Ririn Dwi Arianty. Dude is a favourite actor in Panasonic Award 2007 because his briliant acting in some cinematography.

Dude ever starring some television cinema: Disini Ada Setan, Cincin, Kisah Adinda, Janji, Surga-mu, Pintu Hidayah, Maha cinta, Janji, Bunga di Tepi Jalan, Kakak Iparku 17 Tahun Aisyah. Become most popular after starring sinetron Intan and Cahaya.

Mischa Chandrawinata

Biography of Mischa Chandrawinata:

Borned in Hannover, Germany 29 March 1987 Mischa Chandrawinata is an actor, model and commercial star from Indonesia. Mischa is a catholic, he grow up in Indonesia, his father is Indonesian and his mother is germany. He is Nadine Chandrawinata Putri Indonesia 2005 brother.Mischa twins brother is Marcel Chandrawinata who had same profesion with him.

Mischa study in Ora Et LaBora and irta Marta BPK Penabur that a christian school in Pondok Indah Jakarta. Now he studying in Bina Nusantara University.

Apa Artinya Cinta?, Summer Breeze is film that Mischa Candrawinata starring and Television cinema Inikah Rasanya, Pangeran Penggoda, Maha Cinta, Mini, Gara-Gara Cinta and FTV Pembantuku Kekasihku. Mischa is a runner up in Mr. Young Indonesia Celebrity from Indonesian Pageant. Beside that he ever be apresenter for a television show Truck Cinta in 2007